About Us

Frigginloud.com is a rock and metal streaming site, loosely based on a radio station format. Unlike radio though we don’t censor anything, not the music nor the commentary. While this is aimed at mature audiences, we aren’t and will not be nanny’s. This started as an idea more years ago than we care to mention. Sick and tired of listening to censored music, we wanted to hear the songs the way they were written. For the most part, the lyrics were written that way for a purpose. Another problem was that some rock and most metal weren’t getting any air time pretty much anywhere. We realized there needed to be a dedicated place that would offer both without being censored. With the advent of internet radio and streaming we finally were able to accomplish it. While this is new, we have lots of plans going forward but also wanted to have lots of fan based input, not only on the playlist but also on where we will go with frigginloud.com. We hope you enjoy our efforts to get this up and running and look forward to hear from all you rock and metal fans in the near future.
Now Crank it up fuckers…..